Samurai Judo Club, Green and Under, Kidderminster

It was a not a hot day, it was really hot! The sun beamed down on Kidderminster and the wind gently whispered through the Dojo barely enough to flutter your nans net curtains. So whilst the sun started quickly the competition seemed to get off to a slow start as a mixed bag of regulars and new faces arrived nice and early for what in the past has been a good development event for players with some competition experience.

Louis was up first and this little firecracker reproduced the same results the last time is soles touched down at Samuari – his opponents touching down in a slightly different fashion! He trains like its a competition day everyday and its great to see his enthusiasm for the sport.

Chairs were becoming scarce as the day moved on and Ben and Josh did well showing some good Judo.

True to (poor) form the girls were left to end and as the shadows lengthened Amber manged to counter the sun setting!

Three golds (Louis, Ben, Amber) and one silver (Josh), Beth did not compete. Fantastic results everyone!

It was a good day for the club on the mat and off as the coaching team of Angela and Steph won a parents award for sitting in a very warm tin shed and obviously for always supporting the parents and players at the club.

Thankfully Gregs was open, till next year Green and Under.


May your God go with you.