Samurai Green and Under

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. …

Busy weekend for the club at Samurai Judo club in Kidderminster. We had three lads fighting on Saturday in the Green and Under competition and one girl fighting in the Graded Girls Comp on Sunday.

Up first was Nico. This was his first competition and it’s great to see the young man exploring and learning what he can do with his Judo. Nico managed to take a bronze winning one fight with a very quick Osto Gari. Keep it up Nico!!

Alfi stepped onto the mat for his second competition after a long break. Alfi was in a big group and manged four contests winning two. Well done Alfi who has been club travelling recently getting in some extra training. Its paying off.

Josh, likewise, not competed for a year, was in a group of big kids. Fought very hard in all fights winning one. Needs to work on his Kusushi but great to see him compete again.

Edie, fought hard in a group of 4 and will continue to develop her judo the more competitions she enters. Well done Edie!

They are all looking forward to getting back into training to practice what they learnt at the weekend. Some good numbers for the first club competition of the year. Well done all.


May your God go with you.