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Half Term Update: Randori at Walsall

Just a reminder we are closed over Half Term but if you can make it we will be meeting up at the Centre of Excellence in Walsall on Wednesday 30th May. Unless told otherwise the plan is to meet at the club at six and then, in the style of Cannonball Run, make our way over to the centre.  Training starts PROMPT at 7:30 until 9:00pm.

The best analogy I can come up with is – It’s like a big sweet shop – plenty of choice and they all taste good!

Seriously we are teaming up with Wolverhampton Judo Club on this visit with a view to get a bigger range of players in the junior ranks to attend so our players can gain from the mutal benefits of Randori or ‘free practice’.  Hopefully other clubs will get involved as well.

The Juniors will be training with very similar grades and standards. If you are on the mat and you get a chance to train with a higher graded player or even a black belt see it as an opportunity to test yourself – forget the colour of the belt. 

Practice with superiors: “In general, you should attack all the time. It is wasting everybody’s time to take up a contest attitude against a much higher grade. Attack with all your heart and soul many, many times, and do not wait for a higher grade to attack. A much more skilled man, is not interested in throwing you many times, he wants you to attack, and afterwards he can give you advice on how to improve your methods… Normally, you wait for the higher grade to decide when to end the practice.”

This is how you get there.

Taking it down a level or two we also plan to wash and iron some of the spare kit at the club. Actually we are not 100% on the ironing but here is a short video on extreme ironing in case anyone wants to help out.


The orders for club clothing has to be in by Thursday June 7th. Any questions just ask.  We have hit our minimum order quantity which is great.  Some pictures of the Merch.



May your God go with you.